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Contest Continued

     Last week's photo of Charles A. Kauffold, a former Colfax barber,
was identified by Earl Sticklin, a town resident, and Mrs. Vernon
Weeks, of Route 1. It is interesting to note that ten free subscrip-
tions have now been won, and no two have gone to the same person. 
This week's picture is again worth two free subscriptions.

     Last week's picture of R.E. Hatcher, partner in the Hatcher &
Johnson Store, really fooled the majority of guessers. Many people
thought it looked like Dr. Langstaff, and there were several other
names mentioned. Only three persons had the right answer. Winners
were Mrs. Nancy O'Neil and Mrs. Gertrude Hemphill, Rt. 1. Two more
free subscriptions are offered for the correct identification of
the above photo.

     Harry Corpe was the first of the city dwellers to identify last
week's picture of D.A. Horney, one time farmer near Colfax. Mrs.
Kenneth Forrester, of Route 1, took the subscription offered the
rural routes. This week's photo is again worth two free subscriptions;
one year each to the first person from town and routes to correctly
identify the old-timer.

     Jay Turnipseed won his second free subscription by correctly 
naming last week's picture as that of C.C. Scott, a rather well-
remembered Colfax grocer. Leslie Gillan, Rt. 2, was the first person
in from the routes with the right answer. Two more free subscriptions
for one year are offered for the correct identification of the above


     The picture of Rev. J.W. Farris, former Colfax Methodist pastor,
was identified by Mrs. Emma Cole in town and Mrs. Frank Gray, of Rt.
2. The first person from town to identify the above photo will 
receive one year's free subscription to The Press; as will the first
person from the rural routes who makes a correct guess.

      Looks like we had another tough one! Very few people came up 
with the correct identification of last week's picture of H.H. 
Newell, a Colfax grain dealer many years ago. Bruce Greenlee, of 
Route 1, and James Ritchie collected the free subscriptions. The
above photo is worth two more free subscriptions; one to town and one
to the rural routes.



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