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Contest Continued

     Last week's picture of C.M. Gilmore, former Colfax barber and
postmaster, was identified by Mrs. Luther Wagoner, Route 1, and Mrs.
Arthur Hester. Two more free subscriptions will be awarded for 
correct identification of the above photo; one to the routes and one
in town.

     Last week's picture of Dr. C.C. Evans was evidently taken during
the early years of his practice, as many people who knew him failed
to recognize the photo. However, not everyone was stumped. Mrs. Madge
Crickenberger, in town, and Mrs. Charles Allen, of Route 2, received
the free subscriptions. The same rules apply this week, with two free
subscriptions being offered.

     Bert Meeker was the first person in with the correct identifica-
tion of last week's photo of John C. Harris. Mrs. Charles Allen, 
Route 2, phoned in to win her second year's free subscription. This 
week's picture is again worth two free subscriptions of one year
each - one in town and one in the rural routes.

      Very few people even tried a guess on last week's mystery
picture of J. Corwin Johnston, a partner in the Hatcher-Johnston
Furniture Store. In fact no one took the rural route subscription
until Tuesday of this week, when Mrs. Ida Willhoite called in. Mrs.
Arthur Hester was the first of only two correct identifications in
town and is sending her subscription to Carl Crickenberger at
Chickasha, Oklahoma. Two more subscriptions will be awarded this
week - if anybody can identify the above photo.

    Henry W. Ellington, former Colfax grain dealer, was identified 
last week by Harry Corpe and Mrs. Gertrude Hemphill. There was better
response this week, with several persons calling it in just a little
late. Two more subscriptions of one year each are being offered for
the correct identification of the above photo. As in the past, one
subscription will go to the routes and one in town.

     E.M. Stukey, former Colfax druggist, was identified last week by
Mrs. Fred Dale, of town, and Mrs. Robert Otto, of Route 1. Mrs. Dale
and Mrs. Otto each received a free one-year subscription to The
Colfax Press, as will the first person from town and the first from
the routes to correctly identify the above photo.

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