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Contest Continued

     J.W. Bechtel, last week's mystery man, did not seem to be much of 
a mystery for two of our steady customers on Place the Face. Jay
Turnipseed and Gertrude Hemphill, Route 1, identified the old photo
with little trouble. This week's picture is also worth two free
subscriptions, one in town and one on the rural routes.

     Mrs. Fred Dale was the first to identify last week's photo of 
George W. Arnold and win the year's free subscription. Mrs. Flossie
Thompson called in Monday to take the subsciption offered to the
rural routes. The above picture is also worth two free subscriptions
to The Colfax Press, one in town and one on the rural routes.

     Mrs. J.H. Barnes and Mrs. Luther Wagoner were the first from
Town and country to correctly identify last week's picture of LaSalle
Stoops. The above photo will bring a free one-year subscription to the
first person in town and the first from the rural routes to correctly
identify it.

      Last week's picture was entirely too much of a mystery. We here
at the Press office found the single name "Robinson" on the back of
the cut used to print the picture and thought it was a picture of Rev.
N.H. Robinson. As it became apparent that no one was going to identify
it as Robinson (most thought it was Farris, and five or six other 
names were mentioned) a check of the old-timers around town was made. 
All agreed that the photo was not of Robinson, in fact one lady said
it looked no more like Robinson than she does. But they could not 
agree on a name for the picture. Several agreed that it was not Farris 
and that's as far as they could go - the experts were stumped! So
there were no subscriptions awarded last week and the mystery man is 
still a mystery. We'll try it again this week with a new picture and
the same rules. 

     Mrs. Walter McClure and Mrs. Ida Willhoite, of Route 2, each
received a free year's subscription to The Colfax Press by naming 
last week's picture of Richard Ward. Free subscriptions will again
be awarded this week to the first person from town and the first from
the routes who correctly identifies the above photo.

     Mrs. Leslie Burk and Mrs. Arthur Hester each received a free
subscription for identifying last week's photo of B.M. Judd, a former
Colfax jeweler. Both ladies made gifts of their subscriptions. Mrs.
Hester wanted to give hers to one of the town's oldest residents, and
picked Mrs. Elizabeth Howley, who was not taking the paper. Mrs. Burk
gave her year's subscription to Carl Wagoner at Bloomington. The
above picture is also worth two free subscriptions, one in town and
one on the routes. 

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