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Contest Continued

     Last week's photo of Joe Arnold was quickly identified in town
by William Webb. Mrs. E.D. Roe, of Indianapolis, Indiana, was given
the subscription by the rural route winner. The above picture is also
worth two free subscriptions of one year each to town and the routes.

     A.J. Taylor was the first of many persons in town to identify
last week's photo of Arthur M. Hester. Very few calls came from out
of town, however, and Mrs. Al Vail, of Anchor was the winner of the
"rural route" subscription. The Press is grateful to Mrs. A.M. Hester,
who brought the cut, from which the picture was printed, in last 
week for use in Place the Face. This week's photo is again worth two
free subscriptions, one in town and one on the routes.

This is the last week! Above is the last photo in the Place the 
Face series. The contest has caused wide-spread interest 
(identifications of the pictures have come as far as California) and 
to give everyone a chance at this last photo. The Colfax Press will 
send a free one-year subscription to EACH person who correctly 
identifies the above photo. Entries may be mailed, telephoned or you 
can come to the Press office in person. All entries which are mailed 
must be postmarked before next Thursday, July 5. Last week's photo of 
J.J. Brown was identified in town by Howard Lain, and by Mrs. 
Josephine Gentry, of Arrowsmith.

    ** This photo is simply labeled M.J. Hager.

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