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Colfax School, Grade 3-4, Oct. 5, 1923

Back row l-r: Thomas Tipton, Dorothy White, Pauline Scarbol, Melvin Miles
(pic says Steele), Roy Wills, Thelma McCown, Gwendolyn McCown, Robert McLure

Next Row l-r: Maxine Steele, Robert Arnett, Nyle Scholl, Garnet Hasty,
Vela Wright, Troy Elliot, Robert Tipton, Mary Harvey

Next Row l-r: Geraldine Carter, Chester Scarbol, Bernard Riley, 
Margaurite Kauth, Virginia Hutson, Clifford Shaw

Front Row l-r: Alberta Hinthorne, Rose Bedo, Leona Arnett, Motie 
Williams, Marie Fincham

Teacher: Mrs. Gathman

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