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McLean Co. Service Company

This photo** appeared in the company magazine. The caption says:

McLean County Service Company had not been in business very long when
this picture was taken. The occasion was their annual meeting in 1933,
during which trucksalesmen thrilled patrons by appearing with bags of
patronage refunds (really washers) closely guarded by American
Legionnaires in full regalia including rifles (loaded with blanks). It
was a good stunt, enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience which later 
picked up its refunds in the usual way. That's Manager George Curtiss
in the center. Hasn't changed much, has he?

**I would like to thank the McLean Co. Service Company for giving me
  permission to print this photo.

         First Row - Left to Right                Back Row - Left to Right

         1. John Cherry                           1. Harvey McClellan
         2.                                       2.
         3. Dick Dossett                          3. 
         4.                                       4.
         5. George Curtis                         5. 
         6.                                       6. 
         7.                                       7. 
         8. Sid Lawrence                          8. 
         9. Melvin Newmister                      9.

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