Potosi - A Ghost Town and the Fairview Community: Muriel Marten Hoffman and Dennis J. Hieronymus' new book
The Cropsey Family
Colfax, Illinois: History of Colfax Community by Mabel Daniels 1920
Colfax Photos: Photos of Colfax, Illinois and her citizens.
Saybrook, Illinois: Photos Courtesy of Leslie Maurice
Anchor, Illinois: Photos Courtesy of Gail Hahn Hutchcraft
Arrowsmith, Illinois: Newspaper items from the Arrowsmith News; Contributed by Leslie Maurice
1903 Illinois State University Yearbook Names
1932 Bloomington High School Aegis
The Colfax High School Annual - 1920
Colfax High School Alumni 1891 - 1920: Plus residency and maiden/married names of all graduates through 1920
McLean County School Photos: Misc. School Pictures
World War I: A Soldier's Life & List of Colfax Soldiers
World War I cont...: Shipped Out
World War II: Pantagraph clippings about our Soldiers
Letter home from Kansas: Letter from Martha Henline to her sister-in-law in McLean Co.
The Colfax Cubs: 1904 Colfax Cubs
The Old Country: The ones left behind
Farm Life: The way it was.
1st Henline/Hainline Reunion: Miller Park, Bloomington, IL
2nd Annual Henline/Hainline Reunion: Miller Park, Bloomington, IL
McLean Co. Service Company: Bloomington, IL
Colfax Press Place the Face Contest: Pictures of very old residents of Colfax and each week's winners
1914 Platt Map of Colfax: Town of Colfax
1880 Martin Township Census: All of Martin Twp. including the Village of Colfax
1901 Tax Assessment Lists: For Martin Twp., Lawndale Twp. and Anchor Twp.
Excerpts from the Colfax Leader and Colfax Press: Local newspaper extractions 1890 - 1905
Four People Shot to Death Near Arrowsmith:Read about the sensational murder of Feb. 28, 1907 as reported by the Pantagraph
EXTRA! :Local News from the 1860's

Bits and Pieces of McLean Co., IL

  I have always been fascinated by my origins. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother 
were "savers." They saved everything! From rocks, given as tokens of love by 
grandchildren, to receipts, to photographs. The legacy they left was of the life and 
times of the people in small, rural villages; now given to me to preserve and pass down.

     Generations Of my family have lived and died in this area, but we moved away when I
was only 3. These "things" are the only tangible ties I have left. I hold them very dear. 

     If you have a family website that you would like linked to this site, or know of a 
website that deals with McLean County that you would like me to link to, just send me
the URL and I'll take a look.

1860 Lawndale Township Census 1860 Martin Township Census 1870 Martin Township Census I have added a message board to help us help each other. Message Board Selected Cemeteries
McLean County Obituaries

Send me your McLean Co. marriages and I'll post them here.
McLean County Township Map
McLean County Resources

Photos, Trees and Links to Research Sites.
Find marriage dates at Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763 - 1900
An Ongoing Project of the Illinois State Archives
& the Illinois State Genealogical Society

McLean County Birth Index
To date we have indexed 1860 through 1915, last names A through Q

Illinois State Archives Global Database Actual online records from the Illinois State Archives

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