Soldiers L-R

1. Will Hamilton

2. Richard Gallier

3. Harold Kersteter

4. Fred Scholl

5. Arthur Soderquist

6. Wallace Bomber

7. Guy Koepp

8. Russell Carr

Colfax Soldiers 1920

Our Soldiers

From the 1920
Colfax High School

Lavid L. Gillan
David Murphy
Corp. Fred Scholl
Albert Kerber 
Sgt. Herman E. Brown
Bernie Crump
Harry Mitchell
Ivo Darr
James Embrey
John F. Weymer
Carl P. Wilson
Ovean Hite
W.H. Hite
Shirley C. Scott
Shirley D. Judd
William S. McClellan
Clyde Cornell
Paul Clark
John Reinhart
Michael Murphy
Carl Bobblett
William D. Ridgeway
Oscar Moore
Corp. Chas. E. Downey
Ulysses Hatch
Lonnie Parker
Lt. Scott Gomien
Ivo McClellan
Elza Bechtel
Edsell B. Downey
Harry Moorefield
Bryce M. Knight
Lee Garner
Dwight Douglass
James Austin
Thomas Bowman
Hugh Dorland
Richard Leary
Cecil Arnett
Sgt. Reid B. Horney
Ed McReynolds
Alvin Decker
Willis B. Dorsett
Owen Howley
Jesse Cornell
Ben Rose
Corp. J.A. Vaughn
Floyd Jones
Oley L. Howell
Claire Fielding
Erasmus Turpin
Elmer Crump
Clarence Lowe
Chas. Keller
Dawl Mooney
Clifton Parmele
Roy Williams
Roy Yeager
Lieut. Roy Clark
Ed Winterland
Glen Phillips
Merle Parmele
Jesse Turnipseed
Fred White
John Ohandlen
Chester C. Cruse
Alvin Phillips
James W. Arnett
Henry Roesch
George Stretch
Earl Centers
Oscar Moorefield
Charles Burton
Lieut. Jesse D. Mitchell
Albert Huth

San Antonio, TX

Below is the letter written home from a soldier right before the 
War began. 

                                       Camp Kelly, San Antonio
                                           June 18, 1917

Dear Bro and Sis!
     Recd your welcome letter & will now take the time to ans. How 
is everything on the farm? I am feeling fine & dandy. We are 
getting along fine and dandy but the weather is pretty hot at times. 
I'm as brown as an indian, look more like a mexican than anything 
else. They are getting this camp in better shape all the time. They 
just completed the YMCA building & I guess they are going to build 
barracks for five or six thousand men. I guess they are going to get 
ready for the drafted men. They tell us that we are going to be 
shipped out before long. At first they told us we were going to 
Dayton, Ohio & now they tell us we are under sealed orders & there's 
no telling where we go. We won't know until we get on the train & 
get started. I don't care much where they send us but I do wish they 
would pay us. I've only got $4.50 from the government since I joined 
the army. I don't know if they ever intend to pay us or not. It sure 
is tough when a fellow can't have a little spending money once in a 
while. All I got to spend is canteen checks & they are only good 
here at the camp. I had Polly send me some stamps so I could write 
home once in a while.
     You ask me if I had a ride in an aeroplane, no I haven't & I 
don't suppose I'll get one for several days but I'm going to go up
the first chance I get. Believe me they sure do give some of the 
new fellows a ride. They take them up about 5 thousand feet & then 
they loop the loop 5 or 6 times & dive right straight down till 
they get about two hundred feet from the ground. They claim that 
after a fellow does that three or four times, he don't need any 
     Some of the fellows think we stand a pretty good show of going 
to France some time next fall. I don't know how I'd like that. If I 
was ___ we would get over there and back again (this section is 
unreadable)______ their torpedoes. That would not be real healthy 
for us to tackle it. One thing I know for sure is if they say go, 
we sure will have to go. I've been thinking for a half hour what to 
write & I can't think of anything so I guess I'll close. Be sure 
and answer soon.

* cascaret was a laxative at that time

Fred did get his ride on an aeroplane and sent a picture home. To 
see it, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

   Homer McClellan                         Sidney McClure
   Roy Mitchell (deceased)                 Harry Edison
   Walter Parmele                          Roland Roe
   Lt. Elzy Reynolds                       Lt. Warren Horney
   Harold Wonderlin                        Lyman Canady
   John Dougherty                          Ralph Blair
   Harold Walden                           W.F. Cotner
   Henry Martin                            Verne Bradford
   Emmett Lain                             Ray Casper
   James Getty                             Otis Phillips
   Floyd Arnold                            Earl Sticklen
   Oren Phillips                           Frank Gomien
   Henry Burton                            James R. McIntosh
   John Brokate                            Otis Hamilton
   Arnold Winterland                       Elton Bane
   Joe Brown                               Vernon Moore
   Allen Helm                              Pete Lorig
   Harold Roe                              Jacob Helmers
   Harry Schleeter                         George Schuler
   James Thompson                          Roger Blumenshine
   Homer Munster                           Earl Thompson
   Jesse Morris                            Bruce Greenlee
   Bertram Stretch                         Hartzell Langstaff
   Carroll Williams                        William McHatton
   Clarence Hobbs                          Fred Lorig
   Robert Clark                            W.A. Lewis
   Harrison Hobbs                          Alva Ulmer (deceased)
   Stefano Alfano                          Earnest Betsburg

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